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ALPINIST CLUB is a group of mountain dwellers and professional mountain guides who have been organizing treks and expeditions for 10 years in Nepal and who have summited Everest and other daring peaks. Each member of our team comes with a strong idea and Our team's extensive canning is based on many years of experience as a Nepal Mountain guide. We are committed to offering you unforgettable journeys through extraordinary landscapes, by promoting the meeting of an endearing people endowed with a rich and varied culture. Every individual should be able to appreciate the natural and cultural heritage of Nepal, a small and incredibly diverse country. Provide the highest standard of quality in a professional expedition, peak climbing, and trekking. We continue to lead the way on the summit from one peak to the highest peak. All programs are well planned and organized to understand and combine the physical challenges of climbing and trekking high passes. Our goal is to satisfy you by offering you a quality service at reasonable and affordable prices. We are committed to making your trip an extraordinary experience by providing you, with care and authenticity, services that meet your expectations. Imagine your Nepal trip together ALPINIST CLUB

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The Alpinist Top Expeditions in Nepal

Better to see something once than hear about it a thousand times so, Trave with adventure – it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller. Being the alpinist

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larkya peak climbing

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Make your journey worthwhile by choosing local company

experienced local guides

Our guides are well trained professionals with large knowledge about different places, culture and history and are well known for their friendly, caring and cheerful behavior. They know travel is for fun and are passionate to can make most of every adventure

Very competitive prices

Cleverly designed itineraries, accommodation with locals or in simple hotels, use of local transport, etc. : a "no-frills" way of traveling that also guarantees more authenticity, without sacrificing the essential. And no administration fees! This is the secret of the Alpinist club low prices .

Amazing places and routes

Explore exceptional natural spaces , take trails once walked by famous adventurers, share the daily life of communities deemed inaccessible and immerse themselves in their cultures, make your way through the primary forest to reach a legendary site .certainty of a truly original trip!

Leaders in attentive Travel

Attentive travel practice is at the heart of every program we provide and operate the majority of our decision making. When you book one of our trip you’re helping true sustainability in the protection of local communities, natural environments and wildlife

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Don't panic, our guides are trained to ensure your safety and well-being. Trust them to deal with changing weather, an outage, or a delay. And ensure that your trip takes place in the best possible conditions. Our guides carry the Alpinist values: respect, solidarity, transparency and quality, respect for people, customs and landscapes is obvious. If you like to walk in a good mood and if you want to travel without leaving any traces, Then join the Alpinist club

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A successful Trip depends on diligent preparation. With the right, right planning, the right training, & the right mindset.


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