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Trek in Bhutan

Bhutan is a tiny country embedded between India and Tibet, in the heart of the Himalayan mountains. Rosary monasteries, witnesses of its Buddhist culture, and high mountain lands exceeding 7000 meters make the kingdom of Bhutan a privileged place for hiking and trekking, from the easiest to the most committed. A trip to Bhutan, in addition to diving into a culture with omnipresent spirituality, is an invitation to a journey as much physical as interior; most definitely a long haul.

Journey into a unique Buddhist culture

The dzongs are to Bhutan what the stops are to hiking, essential markers which outline the direction of the route. These fortified monasteries, spread among the valleys, as in Chokhar and Jakar, or on the side of the wall, like the high perched temple of Taktsang, serve as semaphore for trekkings crisscrossing Bhutan. They act as administrative centers and are custodians of traditions and legends. Such that Guru Rinpoche which, VIII ecentury, at the end of a journey on the back of a flying tigress, introduced Buddhism in Bhutan by joining the monastery of Taktsang, improbable nacelle of terraces located 700 meters above the rich agricultural valley of Paro. The hiking trail that leads there now takes more soberly stairs carved into the cliff.

The tsechus alone are worth a trip to Bhutan. Religious festivals taking place over several days in the perimeter of the monasteries, they stage masked dances performed mainly by monks. On this occasion, the dzongs are transformed into an extraordinary theater where characters with shimmering costumes and grimacing masks follow one another according to different paintings, allegories intended to subjugate the demons. The whole with the joyful presence of a colorful population dressed in its finery.