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Welcome to Alpinist Club

  • January 02, 2020

An alpinist club is a group of mountain dwellers and professional mountain guides. who has been organizing treks and expeditions for 20 years in Nepal and has summit Everest and other daring peaks. Each member of our team with a strong idea. Every individual should be able to appreciate the natural and cultural heritage of Nepal, a small and incredibly diverse country.

Our team’s extensive canning is based on many years of experience as a Nepal trek guide. We are committed to offering you unforgettable journeys through extraordinary landscapes. By promoting the meeting of an endearing people endowed with a rich and varied culture. Provide the highest standard of quality in a professional expedition, peak climbing, and trekking. We continue to lead the way on the summit from one peak to the highest peak.

All programs are well plan and organize to understanding and combining the physical challenges of climbing and trekking high passes. Our goal is to satisfy you by offering you a quality service at reasonable and affordable prices. We are committe to making your trip an extraordinary experience.  by providing you, with care and authenticity, services that meet your expectations.

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