Advance Rock climibng

Advance Rocking climbing Skill courses are aimed at people with some experience of climbing who want to improve their movement skills, develop their ropework skills and learn about traditional protection. we have been conducting Advance Rock Climbing training for a long time to produce quality rock climber. We organize Training in Kathmandu and Bimalnagar   Nepal


  • Planning and Climbing technical skill 
  • Footwear and equipment
  • Hazards and Emergency Procedures
  • Knots and gear Racking, 
  • Climbing communication, 
  • Environment knowledge 
  • Lead climbing and top rope climbing 
  • Lead Climbing and rappelling with twine rope, 
  • Stuck client Release during twine rope climbing, 

Objectives ARCT

  • Teamwork, Encouragement and support, and mutual respect
  • Listening and communication skills,
  • Risk awareness, Personal safety, awareness, and consideration of others
  • Environmental awareness, 
  • Personal preparation, Increased self-esteem and confidence
  •  Exercise and awareness of physiology
  • Problem-solving, safety awareness, responsibility for own and others’ safety
  •  Care of equipment, geographical awareness, and Shared experience
  • Learn about wildlife and the natural environment
  • Personal development, sense of achievement of new skills and hobbies

End of the course you can expect to:
  • Have covered the course content in a safe and enjoyable outdoor environment 
  • Have climbed outside for a good proportion of each day on an appropriate crag
  • Be in a strong position to second a lead climber on natural rock and participate safely in a climbing session.