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The Himalayan Ranges In Nepal


The Himalayan Ranges In Nepal

  • July 10, 2021

 The Himalayan Ranges in Nepal is one of the youngest and highest mountain systems in the earth. The Himalayan name comes from Sanskrit Hima-snow and  Alaya- home. Therefore, it extends over 2400 km (1800 miles) from the Indus in Pakistan and Brahmaputra in Assam, India. However, the central section of the Himalaya traverses through Nepal for about 800 km from Mahakali to Kanchenjunga and is known as Nepal Himalaya. According to estimation, there are 1310 peaks that exceed 6000 meters in height. Out of the world’s 14 highest peaks, there are eight in Nepal. These are :

Mount Everest      8848 m

Kanchenjunga       8598 m

Lhotse                  8516m

Makalu                8463 m

Cho-Oyu             8201 m

Dhaulagiri          8167m

Manaslu                8160m

Annapurna         8091m




The Himalayan range in Nepal Much of the country above 5000 meters is under permanent snow cover. The snow line varies, Winter snowfall occurs up to an elevation of 2000 meters. So, according to an unpublished project report submitted by the central department of geography T.U to the industrial branch, Ministry of Tourism and Civil  Aviation (2001), there are nine additional peaks exceeding 8000 meters, four in the Kanchenjunga range, three in the vicinity of Lhotse, and two in the vicinity of Cho Oyu.


There are more than 27 Himalayan ranges in Nepal but we can recognize 13 major Himalayan ranges in Nepal.


  1. The Kanchenjunga Himal Range: Constitute the easternmost limits of Nepal Himalaya and the range stands on the border between Nepal and Sikkim of  India. The third highest peak of the world, Kanchenjunga lies in this Himal.
  2. The Kumbakarna Himal Range: Stretching from Barun Glacier to the upper reaches of the Arun River is the Kumbakarana  Himal dominated by Makalu.
  3. The Khumbu Himal Range: Also known as Mahalangur Himal Stretches from Barun River to Dudh Koshi is the largest, most rugged, and varied in the Himalayan Chain. Mt. Everest dominates it. The other important peaks are Lhotse, Cho Oyu, and Ama Dablam.
  4. The Rolwaling Himal Range: lies between the Dudh Kosi and Choba Bhamare. The range culminated in Mt. Gaurishanker (7145m).
  5. The Jugal Himal Range: Lies between the Bhote Kosi (Sunkosi) and Langtang Himal. The main peaks are Phubi Chyachu (6722m)  Dorje lakpa (6799m).
  6. The Lantang Himal Range: Stretches from the jugal Himal in the East to Rasuwa Garhi in the west. The highest peak is langtang lirung (7246m).
  7. The Ganesh Himal Range: Extends from Chillime Khola in the east to the upper basin of  Budhi Gandaki river in the west. This group culminates in Ganesh peak(7406m)
  8. The Gorkha Himal Range: Stretches from Budhi Gandaki river in the east to Marsyangdi river in the west. The main peaks are Baudha Himal(6742m). Dakura(7514m), Himalchuli East (7892m) and Manaslu(8156m).
  9. The Annapurna Himal Range: Stretches between the Marsyangdi River in the east and Kali Gandaki in the west. The principal peaks are Annapurna Ranges and Macchepuchhare (7059m).
  10. The Dhaulagiri Himal Range: Extends from the  Kali Gandaki River valley in the east to the Thuli Bheri in the west. The range is dominated by Dhaulagiri I (8137m).
  11. The Kanjiroba Himal Range: Lies between Barbung Khola in the east and the Karnali river in the west.
  12. The Saipal Himal Range: Lies between the Karnali river in the east and the Seti River in the west.
  13. The Byas Rishi Himal Range: Lies between the Seti River and the Mahakali River and this River and this range constitute the Western limit of  Nepal Himalaya.



Karakoram range

Length – 500 km, Countries – India, Pakistan, China Borders on Himalaya, Pamir Mountain, Hindu Raj Highest point –K2 (8611)  Most heavily glaciated part  of the world outside of the polar region





Five of the most prominent Northern American mountain ranges


  1. The Appalachain Moutain range
  2. The Cascade Mountain Range ( Mt Rainier is the highest in Cascade)
  3. Kalmath Mountain Range
  4. Rocky Mountain Range  
  5. Sierra  Nevada Mountain Range





Generally, the alps are divided between the western Alps and the eastern Alps. The Western Alps are located in Italy, France, and Swiss and the highest peak is Mt. Blanc (4809 meters). However, Eastern Alps belong to Italy, Austria, Switzerland, Germany, Liechtenstein, and Slovenia, and the highest peak in Dufourspitze, 4634 meters.






Longest exposed mountain range 7000 km, highest mountain range outside Asia. The highest peak, Aconcagua rising to 6962 meters. Geographically divided into three sectors. The southern in Argentina and Chile; the central Andes, including Chilean and Peruvian cordilleras and parts of Bolivia; and the northern section in Venezuela, Colombia, and northern Ecuador.




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