Tips and recommendation while Trekking in Nepal

The Nepalese people are friendly and polite, but like all cultures have unwritten codes of etiquette. These codes may be very different and unrelated to what you are accustomed to. To help you, here are a few codes to remember when in Nepal. Most importantly, in the event of culture shock, be discreet!

Cultural Customs and Expressions

  • The Nepalese people are invariably smiling, peaceful, courteous, and passive. Be the same.
  • “Namaste” is a universal greeting – use it everywhere. The meaning is “blessed be your qualities,” and is usually stated while placing your hands together with a bow.
  • Always take off your shoes before entering any religious structure or house, and leave your shoes outside with the soles down but never facing up.
  • Never ever enter a kitchen without first being invited.
  • Always pass stupas or chörtens to the left (clockwise).
  • Fire is sacred, especially among the Sherpas. Never burn rubbish in the fire.
  • Never eat or drink from someone else’s plate or cup.
  • Use only your right hand for bringing food to your mouth; your left hand is assumed unclean. 
  • Avoid pointing your foot (and especially your sole) at anyone while seated. 
  • The expression “thank you” does not exist. People are grateful without using those words.